Pierluigi's olive oil experience 2016 - Pictures and reviews.

Published : 10/11/2016 11:32:01
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“A real blast”...one of the comments I’ve heard from the guests that took part to the Pierluigi’s olive oil experience 2016. Definitely a sign of appreciation that makes me really proud.

In November, 15 people that adopted an olive tree on pierluigi.nl visited their trees in Trinitapoli. They spent a few days in this authentic corner of Puglia. More than a tour the Pierluigi’s olive oil experience is a real cultural exchange.The visit has been organized as a natural consequence of the olive tree adoption project. More than 150 families from The Netherlands adopted an olive tree in Trinitapoli in order to help local farmers and enjoy pure extra virgin olive oil. It was time to let these families discover the rural tradition of Trinitapoli and let them meet the local people that they are supporting from distance. Local people that welcomed the visitors not as tourists but as friends with the typical warmth of South Italy.

Read more about the olive tree adoption project here

The goal of Pierluigi’s olive oil experience is not merely focused on olive oil, even though it is one of the leading factors. It is a way to let people get in touch with an authentic part of Italy that’s not spoiled by tourism. It offers them the unique chance to live 3 days as a local, to learn and have fun. The tour started with a visit to Castel del Monte. This amazing UNESCO heritage site is a symbol of the so called 'Imperial Puglia' and a good start to get in touch with the culture and history of this land.

Castel del Monte, Andria.

In Trinitapoli the participants not only had the chance to visit their adopted olive trees but they could actively participate in the harvest. What an experience!! It was fun to share with them this magic moment. Thanks to many local farmers we also evoked some ancient tradition of the rural culture. After some hard work it was time for a typical peasant snack.

Harvest of the olives..and time for a snack (pic from Giusepe Beltotto)

All the lunches of the Pierluigi’s olive oil experience were prepared and hosted by local people.This is because you cannot say you really know the Italian cuisine if you haven’t eaten with an Italian Nonna or Mamma. Lots of delicious and traditional homemade food combined with excellent local wine. Next to the lunch there were also cooking workshops. In this way our guests did also learn how to make fresh pasta and how to clean and cook seasonal vegetables. All this supervised by lovely Nonnas who were teaching and helping the participants.

Cooking with Mamma, Nonna and Zia

Trinitapoli is a small but active agricultural town. Here there is an excellent production of olive oil and wine: the products that I offer on pierluigi.nl. For this reason I thought it was important to show to my guests how this products are made. A lot to learn about wine and olive oil with the final pleasure to taste this pure and authentic products.

Visit to the local olive mill

Visit to the local winery and wine tasting in the archeological museum

It has been a great experience and seeing the enthusiasm of the partecipants I can definitely say it was a success! Proud to see how people from different background came together and enjoyed a great experience learning from each other. You can read the reviews of the partecipants here below this article.

The Pierluigi's olive oil experience it is not a one time thing. The idea is to make this cultural exchange more and more stable and repeat this experience every year. 

Would you like to take part to the next Pierluigi's olive oil experience? Then keep on eye on my website and my  facebook page to know the next dates and you can always contact me at pierluigi@pierluigi.nl.

If you didn't adopt an olive tree of Trinitapoli yet, you can do it here. You can help local farmer and get in exchange pure and tasty extra virgin olive oil. Alos a great idea for a present! Do not miss this cance to help and enjoy!

See you in Trinitapoli!


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18/12/2016 21:47:28

Joined the olive oil experience trip with Pierluigi last November and absolutely loved it. It was a short but sweet trip, full of local treats. Of course main attraction was the local olive mill, where we saw our own picked olives made into extra virgine olive oil. Picking them ourselves, seeing and understanding the production proces and than tasting the delicate oil, was great. Yammie! Besides this experience, we were treated to all different kinds of local delicacies. The lunches were soo good! During the trip there is also time for seeing some cultural things and the local salt flats. It's a diverse trip in a very cosy and familiair setting. Thanks Pierluigi!

Aniek - italieuitgelicht.nl

16/11/2016 14:50:20

Pierluigi showed us a beautiful and authentic part of Puglia, where we visited cultural sites like World Heritage Castel del Monte to the salt flat of Trinitapoli e Margherita di Savoia. But the highlight of this tour was to experience the olive harvest, in the southernmost part of Italy, and seeing our adopted olive trees. Pierluigi organized an unforgettable trip! With a small group we experienced the olive harvest, we visited the local winery Casaltrinita and the olive oil press in Trinitapoli. We enjoyed cooking workshops where we made orecchiette and fried artichokes with Pierluigi's grandmother. In fact, all activities, wine tastings and delicious lunches were organized by residents of Trinitapoli, close friends and relatives of Pierluigi. Everything was perfectly taken care of and everywhere we were welcomed by the local people with warmth, as if we were old friends and relatives. I would definitely recommend this tour! Did I already mention the amazing food? ;)


14/11/2016 17:57:00

Pierluigi's Olive Oil Experience Tour Just returned from this tour of four days in Trinitapoli Puglia organized by @pierluigi.nl Did some olive picking, visited the local winery Casaltrinita and followed cooking workshops from his zia and nonna. Great experience. You can buy a little piece of italy in his webshop with honest products from Puglia. You can even adopt an olive tree!


13/11/2016 13:57:08

De ' Olive Oil experience' was geweldig. Ik was erg benieuwd waar de olijfolie van mijn adoptieboom vandaan kwam, dus wilde de tour voor geen goud missen. De olijfbomen hingen vol met olijven, en het was leuk om in het veld je eigen boom te zoeken. Na een het maken van een selfie met mijn eigen boom hebben we daadwerkelijk meegeholpen met het plukken van de olijven. Het hele proces van olijf tot olijfolie is ons verteld en hebben we met eigen ogen kunnen bewonderen. Ook de wijnproeverij zal ik niet snel vergeten. Heerlijke wijnen gedronken met locals. Het praten met handen en voeten stond een avond vol plezier zeker niet in de weg. De activiteiten waren afwisselend en we werden elke keer weer verrast door Pierluigi met bijvoorbeeld een zakje eigen gemaakte pasta en met een lekkere snack tijdens het olijfolie plukken. Een unieke ervaring! Kan ik me al inschrijven voor komende jaar?!


11/11/2016 14:45:40

Pierluigi's olive oil experience is something special. It permitts you to visit a part of Puglia where everything has manteined his identity. Full of ancient heritage and uses, local hand made food, are the main ingredients for living an experience that is not "standard". For example, it's not so common to see the olives harvest and the making process of oil. Specially, if it presents the occasion to eat an old olive workers dish after had been actively involved in the crop itself. Also, it's not every tour that is possible to attend to a real cooking lab. with local people and cooking local dishes by hands. Pierluigi's grandmother in person, watched our work and corrected our mistakes. Now, you can image how the local people are kind and helpful. It's thank to their heart that you can feel yourself at ease and relaxed for all the time. And of course eat a delicious food, that you cannot find easely in a restaurant. Pierluigi, succeds in this project that for sure takes you to fall in love with Puglia!


11/11/2016 09:42:54

Adopting an olivetree in Trinitapoli earlier this year, arouse my curiosity in this region; of which I knew little. Having spent many holidays in the north, this Olive Oil Experience-trip was a perfect opportunity to combine visiting 'my' tree and getting to know Puglia. From the moment we arrived in Bari, we were taken perfectly care of by Pierluigi and his friends; taking us through the astonishing beautiful area with olive trees as far as you can see. But there is so much more to explore, and we did. History, archeology, food, wine, more food & wine, nature, village live... And everywhere we were welcomed by the local people,with warmth, a good story and much pride for the land and its products. One shouldn't be moving from Puglia to the Netherlands, but the other way round...!


11/11/2016 09:42:21

The place Trinitapoli has a lot to offer, nature, amazing food and warm people will welcome you giving the possibility to deeply discover the place. It has been nice know the producers and their stories. Lot of passion and hard work is behind. I found nice and funny to actively participate in the activities especially the harvest but I have to say all activities are very well organized and Pierluigi is always present to take care of all the details. There is a great balance, contact with nature, historical sites and of course amazing food! I highly recommend to participate in this tour to the people who want to discover different part of Italy and are looking for a deeper and ORIGINAL ITALIAN experience! But be careful, you might desire to stay there forever!


10/11/2016 20:41:16

About 2 years ago i got an olive tree adoption from my friends. Ever since i wanted to go visit the tree and the home town from my friend Pierluigi, so I didn't have to think twice when the olive oil experience tour came around! The tour was everything I expected and more! It was great to see the beautiful surroundings en cities of Puglia, to see the olive trees and the mill with whole the process. Also the cooking workshops with the real Italian nonna's and mamma's was amazing, so friendly, so delicious and so difficult but funny to learn! The tour was great, with lots of different activities and plenty off time to do things for yourself. I would definitely recommend this tour to everybody who loves Italy, good food, good wine and super friendly people! And i'm going back someday, that's for sure!


10/11/2016 10:11:34

I already knew and appreciated this extra virgin olive oil, and it is fantastic. After having seen how it is made and the passion Domenico has for his product, I will probably never buy other olive oil. In this trip Pierluigi walked the extra mile to show us 'his' Puglia. The activities were well balanced; visiting cultural sites, tasting local delicacies and even a walk in the national park with an expert guide. The tour is completely guided, that means Pierluigi has arranged everything; but you can skip parts and adjust the program as you wish. Pierluigi succeeds in making you feel a long lost family member, visiting home. Yes it is official; I fell in love with Puglia!

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