Pierluigi Olive Oil experience 2016 tour presentation

Published : 22/07/2016 23:25:45
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Every year I go to Trinitapoli, Puglia, to assist with the olive oil production. After the olive tree adoption project, I decided to go even further: it is time for you to visit the olive trees and actively experience the magic moment of the harvest. I had the pleasure to guide some of you in Puglia in the last years but now it is time to organize an “official Pierluigi.nl tour” and share with you the ancient tradition of Trinitapoli. The theme of the tour: Olive oil...and Wine! 


From the 3rd of November to and including the  6th of November. (Thursday until Sunday)


Trinitapoli of course! In the heart of Puglia!

Not only visiting the city and the countryside guided by locals but actively help them in the production of wine and olive oil!

How: Pierluigi will arrange everything for you, you only have to take part to the tour and enjoy!

The tour includes:

  • Transfer to/from the Airport (Bari Airport 60km from Trinitapoli)
  • All the transport during the 3 days
  • 3 nights in a cute bed&breakfast in the center of Trinitapoli
  • Breakfast and lunch included (excluding Sunday)
  • Cooking workshops with locals
  • Visit the local winery Casaltrinita'  with tasting of wines and local delicacies
  • Olive harvest activities and a visit to the local olive mill 
  • Guided visit of the surroundings of Trinitapoli (salt flat/natural park/bird watching)
  • A visit to the cities Barletta, Trani and UNESCO heritage spot 'Castel del Monte'

Not included:

  • Any extra drinks and food not included in the regular lunches and breakfast 
  • Dinner 
  • Any extra activities not included in the organized tours
  • The flight

The flight:

You only need to book the flight by yourself but I can give you all the details.

The tour is organized based on this option (fasted and cheapest option to reach Bari Airport from Amsterdam):

You can book it on Transavia.com

If you want to book any other option (other flights or dates) you can still join the tour but I cannot guarantee the transfers to/from the airport but I will try to assist as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question about the flights.

What's next:

Unfortunately for logistic reasons I only have limited spots available for the tour. In order to be sure to join please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to join. Keep in mind that the price of the flight may increase quickly. The sooner, the better! Please contact me via email, Facebook or phone. After you receive my confirmation you can then proceed with booking the flights.

I’m available for any question and I'm looking forward sharing this amazing experience with you.

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