November, the month of the 'new' olive oil

Published : 22/10/2015 21:36:55
Categories : Pierluigi's Puglia , Trinitapoli

After the difficult harvest of 2014, everybody has been waiting to see how the production of this year will be. In Trinitapoli the hard work of the local farmers allowed to have healthy olive trees,  full of olives ready for the annual harvest. A special thanks go to all the people that adopted on olive tree via Your concrete help was crucial for the local farmers.
The weather as well, has been positive in Puglia. Cold enough during the winter in order to kill parasites and bacteria and not excessively wet during the rest of the year. Actually this year has been quite dry: this mean that the olives are slightly smaller than normal but they are definitely more intense in taste. Due to this conditions the new olive oil is expected to be full of taste and with a lot of character. From the month on November on you can taste this amazing product fresh from the press.


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