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Published : 01/02/2015 13:42:03
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One of my goals is to let you discover Puglia and its unique places. In this blog and my posts i will often talk about Trinitapoli, the place where i come from. I would like to quickly introduce this place to you so you can enjoy the future posts about it.

Trinitapoli is a small city situated in the so called "Imperial Puglia" due to the big influences of Frederick II, Emperor of the Holy Roma Empire. 
The history of Trinitapoli started a long time ago. Recent important archeological works brought to light important remaining of a local population from 1700 years B.C. in the middle Bronze Age. The city always has had a relevant role in the economy of the area in particular thanks to the presence of the salt flats, active since the Roman Empire (still nowadays the biggest salt flat in Europe). 
During the middle ages Trinitapoli main influence has been shaped by the Knights Hospitaller (knight of Malta) that had an important administration base in Trinitapoli. Puglia has often been a departure point for the latest Crusades heading to the Holy Land.
Ancient script and registers show how during the Holy Roman Epire the Emperor Frederick II was often visiting the area of Trinitapoli particularly for the salt flat. It was a perfect area for hunting. 
The city has always been focused on agricultural production, with products of excellence like wine, Nero di Troia grapes and olive oil. It is not a coincidence that Trinitapoli is called "City of Olive oil" and the Nero di Troia Union (a union founded to preserve Nero di Troia grapes and wine) has as president the owner of the local winery Casaltrinita'.

Welcome in this corner of Puglia full of history and traditions... 

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