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Published : 31/01/2017 21:05:35
Categories : Pierluigi's Puglia , Trinitapoli always takes into consideration the people and the tradition from Trinitapoli, Puglia. What happens on this website is a fair exchange between the clients, that enjoy amazing and authentic products and the local producers, that get recognition and support for their hard work.
Exactly with this intention a few years ago I started the Olive tree adoption project in order to help local farmers in Trinitapoli. Also for this reason last year the first 'Pierluigi's olive oil experience' took place. An experience to let people from The Netherlands meet Trinitapoli and its community.

One of the symbols of the city of Trinitapoli is the archaeological museum. Not only a place to visit but a place to experience. A place of culture that connects the ancient past of Trinitapoli with its present. The museum hosts a collection of stunning findings from the bronze age but it is also a place that hosts events for schools, children, concerts, meetings, temporary exhibitions and much more. It is the multifaceted cultural center of the city.

That is why, during the last Pierluigi's olive oil experience, we ended the tour in the museum. An amazing evening where visitors and locals got together talking about the traditions of Trinitapoli and tasting excellent local wines in the hall of the museum. Hospitality, culture, history, products... all coming together.

The museum of Trinitapoli is in a moment of need. A fundraising has started in order to make sure that the museum can expand and finally be completed. The public funds are unfortunately not enough and private help is needed.
Since I do consider this place so important and central to the cultural development of the citizens of Trinitapoli, in particular the young ones, I want to contribute. I want to give back something to a community that has always been so generous with its products, culture and traditions.
For this reason in the whole month of February 2017 for each order received via, I will donate a part of the income to the museum. Purchasing something on will not mean only to buy an authentic product and to help local farmers, it will also mean to help the local community on a deeper level. A purchase to be proud of.
To know more about the fundraising:
The facebook page of the museum:

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