Photo story: A day on the cost of Wild Gargano

Published : 22/02/2015 11:19:30
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30 Km north of Trinitapoli lays the amazing Gargano. The only mountain in Puglia. Gargano is one of the top destinations in the heel of Italy. Unforgettable landscapes, nature (it is a national park) and one of the best sea of the Italian east coast. Vieste and Peschici are the main cities of Gargano but what I would like to share with you in this article is the southern coastline, one of my favourite spots in Puglia. I always go there with friends that are visiting Puglia from the Netherlands (are you the next one?).

Time: 9.00
After an abundant breakfast with some fresh fruit and a nice espresso (Nonna may insist on tasting her home made limoncello…..even if it is can’t say no...sure thing!) it is time to leave by car heading to Gargano. On the way you must stop to a Panificio in order to buy some fresh baked Focaccia and some taralli for the day.

Time: 10.30

Arrived on the Gargano coast the view is stunning. Every 500 meters you want to stop the car and take a picture of the view outside. You are straight above the sea that is intense blue surrounded by rocks and vegetation. The mediterranean scent is intense and pleasant. After the car is parked it is time to walk to the sea side. Due to the nature, the beach can be reached only walking since you need to go through narrow paths between rocks. Everytime you walk down to the beach you are surrounded by secular olive trees and limestone vertical walls. After 15 minutes we are there! Baia delle Zagare. A truly hidden paradise! It is a perfect place to chill on the beach, enjoy the sun and definitely take pictures constantly repeating to yourself: ”What a place!”

Time: 13.30

Lunch Time! A few kilometers from Baia delle Zagare, north from a town called Mattinata, there is my favourite restaurant in the area. it is called Pane e pomodoro. If you are driving along the coastline road you can’t miss it …:)

Pane e pomodoro offers an informal setting, affordable food and what make it special is the view. The panorama is unbelievable. The restaurant offers only fresh products of the area and fresh fish.
It is nice to chill and enjoy a fresh glass of white wine in the shadow after a morning of sun.

Time: 15.00

It is time to take the car heading north following the coast. From Baia dei Campi there are boats that can bring you to have a tour around Gargano and visit its caves from the sea. You really don't want to miss it.

Time: 18.00

Sunset time. At this time I always go a place where I surprise my guests. Not visible from the road, there is the Arco San Felice, a natural bridge. It is perfect to sit down, relax and have a refreshing beer. The sounds of the crickets, the enjoyable soft wind and the colours of the sunset will do the rest.

A day like this is difficult to forget.

You can reach Gargano flying to Bari (direct flights with Ryanair from Maastricht or Transavia from Amsterdam) and then rent a car. On the way there a must stop is Trinitapoli to taste amazing wine and delicacies. If you are going there let me know.. Nonna is always happy to let people taste her home made limoncello!!

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