Casaltrinita' Padre, one of the best wines from Puglia

Published : 11/04/2015 22:25:55
Categories : Trinitapoli

Every year The Espresso Guide, a wine guide edited by the Espresso group (one of the biggest editorial group in italy), ranks and judges the best wines produced in italy. Being named on the Espresso guide is the dream of any wine producer and Casaltrinita' had this honour (deserved i would say) thanks to the quaility of their wines. In particular the excellent PADRE - DOC Tavoliere delle Puglie - got nominated  as one of the best wines from Puglia considering the ratio Quality/Price. 

espresso guide

In Italy the purchase price is considered excellent between 10 and 12 Euro. Thanks to the great relationship between  the winery Casaltrinita' and you can enjoy this amazing wine in The Netherlands for the same price you would pay in Italy.

Did you know that Nero di Troia was one of the favourite wines of Frederick II , emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, that was often in the area of Trinitapoli for hunting purposes? Have a look at the Padre and Coppamalva pages where I wrote about the legendary stories of these wines.

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